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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood – report in to Physical Education


8.1 A specialist teacher workforce for PE from early years settings through to secondary schools

8.2 Increased time on PE in initial teacher training programmes and continual professional training for qualified teachers

8.3 Direct recommendations re time spent teaching PE to come from the Department of Education

8.4 ‘Physical literacy’ models of assessment in schools to be formulated on an individualised basis; physical activity data to be included annually in the Health and Social Care Information Centres Health Survey for England

8.5 Government-funded research into use of new technology within a PE context; evidence-based examples of good practice to be published and widely cascaded PE and time spent on PE to be part of a school’s Ofsted assessment

8.6 Sector/government partnership in designing a new curriculum for PE with a strong emphasis on personalisation and in which the needs of disabled children are fully met

8.7 Create a new team in every school which is dedicated to promoting all types of physical activity (ideally linked to the catering/nutrition team), PE, sports staff and play staff would all be part of the team; each offering the children a choice of opportunities from increased daily activity. Train the team to deliver a full range of beneficial activities, under the supervision of the qualified team leader (likely to be a specialist PE teacher with a sound understanding of play and specific training in play will be essential)

8.8 Sports, PE and play to be funded and prioritised equally within the same pot of money, as a holistic, combined intervention within a ‘whole school’ approach

8.9 Sports facilities both outdoor and indoor and fit-for-purpose equipment to form an essential component of the PE offer in all educational settings 

8.10 Play materials should be sourced separately and include ‘loose parts’