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PE Supply Teaching

PE Supply Teaching

With over 10 years of PE supply experience, you've come to right place! But what is a PE supply teacher? What qualifications do you need? How do you get work and what can you earn as a PE supply teacher? Ok, we'll  answer all these questions below and lots more beside, so let's get started.

What is a PE Supply Teacher?  

A supply PE teacher is someone who is engaged (to use the proper term) to fill a temporary vacancy in a school to teach PE during curriculum time. The vacancy may exist from 1 day to 1 year, depending on the reasons as to why it exists in the first place. The main reasons schools require a supply PE supply teacher is to cover short term absence caused by illness or injury (as active individuals PE teachers are often getting injured) as well as covering maternity and unplanned absences or staff departures.

How can I become a PE Supply Teacher?

Most schools require their PE teachers to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), but their are still lots of opportunities for Unqualified Teachers too, as long as you have the appropriate skills and experience to deliver PE to the level required by the school. Before you can start, we need to register you, which involves completing safeguarding checks on you in line with government policy.  Remember we've registered 1000s of PE teachers in the last 10 years and unless we register you, we can't offer you any PE supply assignments.  Once all checks are complete, you are ready to go. To find out more about how to sign up for your registration meeting, simply get in touch with a member of our team. We're always looking for quality PE Supply Teachers across the UK, so call us today for an informal chat or email your CV to

How do I get my first PE Supply Job?

Schools contact Futureactive directly with their supply needs. We then turn to our pool of registered supply teachers, contacting the most appropriate and best matched teachers directly and in the case of longer contracts, advertising the vacancy on our website too. If your skills, experience, location and availability match the PE Supply assignment (or contract, as they are often called) then we'll contact you directly. But if you spot an advertised vacancy on our site that you think your suitable for and we haven't called, simply hit "apply" or call us directly on 03330 143 136, to register your interest.

How is it decided who gets the job?

It all depends on the length and start date of the assignment and how much notice we are given by the school. For longer PE supply assignments, usually 6 weeks and over, the school will often conduct interviews, sometimes as a paid trial day. These are offered after Futureactive provide a selection of candidates' CV to the school for consideration and the school selecting the most suitable. Often we are given longer assignments a number of weeks before the intended start date, as they are planned and we therefore have time to prepare a candidate shortlist. In these cases, it is the school who makes the final decision.

As PE specialists, schools trust our professional judgement and reputation built over the past 10 years and so for short term PE supply contracts, particularly 1 day to 1 week contracts, they allow us to select the most appropriate teacher from our supply pool. This is certainly the case when we are given short notice e.g. a call first thing in the morning - remember we are open from 7.30am!