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How to become a Sports Photographer

What is a Sport Photographer?

Sport Photographers take fast action photographs at indoor and outdoor sporting events. The industry has become vastly more competitive and popular in recent years due to the development in technology.

What Skills/ Experience are needed to do the Job?

-Knowledge of Photography equipment, with the ability to repair and maintain

-Effective Communication

-Good time management

-Active Learner

-Good at instructing/ following instructions

-Basic knowledge of Sport

-Good social perceptiveness

What qualifications are required to do the Job?

-Degree in Photography/ Journalism is desired

What job can I get?

As a Sport’s Photographer you can either work for a Sporting Team/ Organisation or work as a freelancer, and sell pictures to Newspaper’s/ Magazine’s.

What is the Salary?

On average the Salary is around £19,000 a year.

What is the Career Path?

Sports photography is very similar to fashion photography as connections and contacts are as valuable as proper training. Sports photography has a natural cross over with journalism, working for news sites and publications, and progression in any of them avenue’s is common.

What are the benefits of being a Sport Photographer?

The benefits are that you get to be involved very closely in the sport industry. You also get to do something you are very passionate about. You are also likely to get to travel all around the Country/ World in this industry.

What are the Drawbacks?

The hours are not set and will vary dependent on where and what you are taking pictures of. 

More information:

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