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How to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach

What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

A strength and conditioning coach is a fitness and physical performance professional who uses exercise as a tool to specifically improve performances in Sport.

What to expect as a Strength and Conditioning Coach

Working with athletes/elite athletes all day

Creating new programs and specialist techniques which help improve athlete’s performance

Being part of a high performance team and facing new challenges everyday

Working plenty of hours each week

For every session to be a challenge

Holidays being very difficult to come by

Qualifications recommended to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach

-A qualification at degree level (or equivalent) in sports science or related area specialising in the area of physical preparation of elite athletes

-A professional coaching certification in one or two sports (level 3)

-Experience working as a coach in sport

-Have experience working as an intern in a gym

What is the Salary for a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

Differs between employers, on average between £18,000-£35,000

What is my career progression?

There are plenty of different options if you’re a Strength and Conditioning Coach. You can work for organisations such as Universities in gyms. You could use your knowledge to lecture and teach other potential professionals about the art of Strength and Conditioning. Further known roles include working for prominent Sports Teams or Governing Bodies.

What are the benefits of the Job?

By working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, you get an opportunity to work with elite athletes on a regular basis. You may have opportunities to travel around the world also.

What are the drawbacks?

You usually have to work long hours, especially when starting out in the profession, which may even include partaking unpaid, work experience/ placements.

More information:

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