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How to become a Gymnastics Teacher

What is a gymnastics teacher?

A gymnastics teacher commonly referred to as a gymnastics instructor or coach is usually someone with a passion for the sport, who has been a gymnast themselves and has a desire to use their knowledge to improve others. It is a flexible career as coaches can work around an existing job or dedicate themselves to becoming a professional coach.

What qualifications do I need to become a gymnastics coach?

There are a few routes into gymnastics coaching but the most common is to gain a UK Coaching Certificate. Level 1 introduces you to the coaching process and will give you the skills to be an assistant coach and you can specialise in various areas of the sport as you continue up the qualification ladder.

What skills/experience will an employer look for?

Prior experience as a gymnast is not an absolute must but is hugely beneficial, particularly if you’re also familiar with competitive gymnastics. As with all coaching jobs, a potential employee who has worked with children before is at an advantage too and often there are opportunities for people interested in coaching as a career to shadow someone more qualified in gyms and health clubs. In terms of skills, a confident individual who can motivate people and adapt to the needs of different personalities and abilities is the ideal candidate for gymnastics coaching.

Who might employ a gymnastics coach?


-Health and fitness centres


What salary can I expect?

A gymnastic coach’s salary varies and can be anything from £15 an hour upwards for part-time coaches, while a full-time professional’s salary depends on their qualifications and coaching ability. The minimum annual salary is between £12,000-15,000.

What is my career progression?

Coaches can decide to remain part-time or continue to improve and specialise their qualifications. There are opportunities to become professional, competitive coaches, which offer a greater earning potential along with the higher standard, while some coaches can become mentors to other, less-experienced people looking to embark on a similar career.

What are the best things about being a gymnastics coach?

Flexibility and the chance to be a part of the sport you love can be powerful attractions for potential gymnastics coaches. Getting involved in gymnastics means working with like-minded people, as well as feeling a real sense of achievement as you watch those under your command develop as athletes and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Are there any drawbacks?

Coaching can be physically and mentally demanding. In addition the salary potential is not all that high, particularly for new coaches, although there is the option of working around an existing job at the beginning.

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