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How to become a Sport/Club Doctor

What do Sport Doctor’s do?

Being a Sport Doctor involves the medical care of injury and illness in patients who take part or wish to undertake physical activity or Sport.

Doctors in sport and exercise medicine treat conditions such as:

-Sprains (partial tears) and ruptures (complete tears) of muscles and ligaments

-Bone fractures

-Tendons relate injuries

-MSK disorders and conditions

-Heart disease


-Stress and mental illness




-Female athlete triad




Qualifications required to be a Sport Doctor

Generally Sport Doctors must hold a medical degree with excellent knowledge of Sport and Exercise Science.

Need to be able to communicate well also, and have good team work skills.

Employment Opportunities

-GP Clinics

-Sport Club/Organisations

-Self Employment


The Salary varies between organisations, but is generally very competitive.

What is my Career Progression?

After being a general Sport Doctor, you could look to specialise in a specific part of the field. You may start working for a small/ local organisation or team, but during your career you could look to aim for larger and more prominent organisations.

What are the best things about becoming a Sport Doctor?

It is very fulfilling being a Sport Doctor as you are helping athletes with their health, fitness as well as injuries on a daily basis. You may get to meet prominent and well established athletes, and travel the world with your organisation.

What are the Drawbacks?

The drawbacks are that the working hours might be unsociable, and you could be dealing with distressed patients.

More information:

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