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Careers in Sport

Want more information, advice and guidance on qualifications and training requirements, job descriptions and profiles for careers in sport? If so, read on.

You’ll discover what job roles may be available to you now and how to devise a career pathway to reach your ideal job in sport, with career details from grass roots to elite level sport.

Career Profiles

At Futureactive we offer professional guidence and information that will steer you in the right direction on your career path.  We provide a diverse range of job profiles that will ease the process in deciding the best roles to apply for that will both fit your abilities and experience. These could be from how to become a Sports Coach to how to become a Sports Scientist. Take a look on the "Jump To" menu on the right hand side to see the wide range of jobs which could be an ideal match for your career and be sure to visit the Latest Jobs page to check out the attractive positions which could be your dream job in the future!