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Sample Job Description- PE Teacher

This is a sample from a real job/person description for a school in England seeking a PE Teacher. It gives an excellent snapshot into the skills a school look for in a PE teacher and by describing the department in detail provide valuable information to candidates who may wish to apply.

Our PE Department

The PE faculty is a strong, balanced and united team.  It prides itself on having enthusiastic teachers who believe in every pupil working to the best of their ability and beyond, both individually and as part of a team.  Motivation and self-improvement play a major role in all of our teaching.  The faculty ethos encompasses both ‘elite’ sports teams through inter-school matches and ‘sport for all’ via inter-form and internal tournaments in its extra-curricular programme.

The Physical Education programme of study is comprehensive and teaches a variety of sports and activities in both the summer and winter season.

The Person

We are looking for the person appointed to have the following:

-A personal commitment to high quality comprehensive education and to the ethos of our school

-Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

-Good organisational and time management skills; a sense of humour

-A belief in a team approach and the valuing of others

-An ability and willingness to use a variety of learning techniques in the classroom

-A belief and good level of competence in the use of ICT, both in learning and administration

-A willingness to give of his/her time freely

Applying for  PE teacher Job – Ask for a Job Description 

If you are considering applying for a job, it is always worth asking if there is a Job description, person specification and information about the PE faculty / department or the school’s PE facilities and provision.

All Primary schools are now required to publish on their website details of how they spend (or plan to spend) their PE and Sport Premium for Primary School Funding grants (as of April 2014) and how and what impact the Government’s additional funding has had on the provision of PE and sport at their school.