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Careers in PE

If you are looking for information, advice and guidance on qualifications and training requirements, job descriptions and profiles for careers in PE, please read on, as our team of ex-PE Teachers, Heads of PE, recruitment professionals at Futureactive share some of their specialist knowledge.

Whether you are deciding on which University Course or Post Graduate course to take or looking to move up the Physical Education career ladder, we have all sorts of help, information and guidance available.

You’ll discover what jobs may be available to you now and how to devise your career pathway to reach your ideal job in PE, with career details from general PE classroom roles to specialised activity instructors available.  Then, as always, we would recommend that you take a look at some of the PE jobs we currently have on our Latest Vacancies – PE Jobs  pages for some real life and current job opportunities – whether you are looking to work in UK or overseas and with what ever is your preferred age group, school or employer type or Key Stage.

Career and Job Profiles

At Futureactive we offer professional guidence and information that will steer you in the right direction on your career path.  We provide a diverse range of job profiles that will ease the process in deciding the best roles to apply for that will both fit your abilities and experience. These could be from how to become a PE Teacher to how to become a Sports Lecturer. Take a look on the "Jump To" menu on the right hand side to see the wide range of jobs which could be an ideal match for your career and be sure to visit the Latest Jobs page to check out the attractive positions which could be your dream job in the future! 

Blogs and Case studies

If you would like some further information regarding careers in PE and Supply take a look at our blogs below:

Thinking about Returning to Teaching PE after a Career Break?

Working as a PE Supply Teacher. What’s it all about?

Case Study – Working as a PE Supply Teacher – the inside story 

Job and Person Specifications

We also provide some sample Job Descriptions to help you make an informed decision about the next step in your career.

PE Teacher

Second in Charge / Assistant Head of PE

Other useful information

Typical UK Academic and School Calendar for 2015/16

UK Pay and Salary Information for PE Teachers

Opportunities for Overseas Trained PE Teachers

Thinking about Returning to Teaching after a career break?  

Schools are often keen to employ qualified teachers who have returned to teaching as they can often bring additional skills, experiences and perspectives to the school environment.  If you are considering returning to teaching, there is a lot of help, advice and resources available from Dept of Education’s Get into Teaching – Return to Teaching website.

Then with a wide range of part-time, full-time, permanent, supply and temporary jobs available for PE teachers, please contact our team for an informal if you are thinking about returning to teaching PE and let the PE experts help you get back into teaching.

Disclaimer:- Please note that all information given within our website is given in good faith, but Futureactive is not responsible for the content of external sites and we would always suggest that you find out as much information as possible before committing to any course or career path as information, qualifications, funding, requirements, pay rates, vetting etc continually change and we cannot be held responsible for any content or links given within the website.