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How to become an Activity Leader

What is an activity leader?

Activity leaders are responsible for providing sports and activities to children in a positive, enthusiastic manner. They need to understand a wide range of sports and be able to promote and organise them. Usually an activity leader is a seasonal role in a summer camp.

What qualifications do I need to become an activity leader?

There are no set qualifications required but every camp and job description is slightly different. If you have any teaching or coaching qualifications that will be a huge advantage and may even be a necessity for some roles. In addition a first aid certificate and DBS check are important.

What skills/experience will an employer look for?

Experience in a similar field, whether that’s teaching, coaching or a separate activity provision role is important if you’re to stand out from other candidates. You’ll also need to be confident, enthusiastic and able to motivate people. Leadership qualities are useful, as is the ability to react quickly to changing events.

Who might employ an activity leader?

-Summer camp

-Holiday resorts

What salary can I expect?

Activity leaders are usually paid weekly or monthly as it is a seasonal position. They may receive somewhere in the region of £500 per month.

What is my career progression?

Working as an activity leader can help you develop some vital skills for a career in teaching or coaching, as well as a range of others. The leadership and communication skills in particular can be useful in any career. If the activity leader position gives you the chance to promote events you can use that as a stepping stone for a career in marketing, for example.

What are the best things about becoming an activity leader?

Activity leaders have fun all day and aren’t restricted to teaching a particular sport or activity. You get to experience everything and feel a sense of achievement at helping provide a very useful service. As an activity leader is a seasonal position it can appeal to people at university who might be looking for summer employment and don’t want to be stuck in an office.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are always drawbacks with working outside all day where you’re exposed to the weather. On top of that activity leaders aren’t paid particularly well so it’s difficult for anyone to use the job as their sole means of employment.

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