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How to become a Camp Councillor

What is a Camp Counsellor?

A camp counsellor or volunteer spends 2-3 months working at a summer camp, teaching children various sports, arts or activities as well as being responsible for their safety and acting as a role model. Often this sort of role is ideally suited to university students looking for work during their summer holiday and can be a great way of gaining experience alongside your studies

What qualifications do I need to become a camp counsellor?

No set qualifications are required. Generally university students make up the majority of camp counsellors but even that isn’t a pre-requisite; just some experience of working with children or in coaching a sport or activity is necessary.

What skills/experience will an employer look for?

Some experience of a similar environment would be hugely beneficial and your exact role at camp is likely to be influenced by that experience as they look to provide a wide range of activities. The confidence and ability to act as a mentor and the dedication to be available around the clock is also very important, as the nature of a summer camp means the hours are quite long and the job all-encompassing.

Who might employ a camp counsellor?

-Summer camps

-Summer camps abroad, particularly in the United States

What salary can I expect?

In the United States camp counsellors are usually given ‘pocket money’ to the tune of between $700 and $900. Volunteers elsewhere may have their expenses covered.

What is my career progression?

Camp counsellors can use the experience and skills they gain in a variety of ways to aid their future career. Some people may choose to keep going back and specialising in a particular camp role while others can use the experience to move into teaching or coaching.

What are the best things about being a camp counsellor?

Camp counsellors can expect to have a lot of fun in an energetic, fast-paced environment. You’ll meet lots of people doing the exact same thing as you and if you’re working abroad you will usually have the opportunity to go travelling together at the end of the summer.

Are there any drawbacks?

The hours are long and the job can be tiring and all-consuming. Travelling abroad can also be an expensive trip, as the pocket money usually only covers the costs of flights and accommodation for the summer.

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