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How to become a Lead Generator

What is a Lead Generator?

The Lead Generation Specialist is responsible for prospecting, qualifying and generating sales.

What do they do?

A lead generator develops new business both over the phone and through mass social media communication i.e. LinkedIn. Further roles include:

-Following up leads with customers

-Conducting needs analysis and acting upon this

-Managing data for new and prospective clients

What qualifications do I need to become a Lead Generator?

-Sales and Marketing background

What skills/experience will an employer look for?

-Good communication skills both verbally and written

-Excellent Team Player

-Good basic computer skills, i.e. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel

-Efficient organisational skills

-Knowledge of health and safety guidelines

-Good interpersonal skills and able to break down barriers

What salary can I expect?

The salary between the jobs can vary, but generally it ranges between £13k- £20k per year.

Who might employ a Lead Generator?

An administrator would likely be employed to sit on reception at a leisure facility.

What are the best things about being a Lead Generator?

You will consistently be liaising with customers so your work will be based around communicating effectively. Due to this, you will be talking to a range of people, so your work will vary, which is often very useful as you will learn a variety of new skills and become more employable in the future.

Are there any drawbacks?

If you are a poor communicator this job would not be very suitable as the main aim of this job role is to communicate with customers effectively in order to drive sales for the business.

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