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Career Profiles

Futureactive recruits for a wide variety of organisations who are looking for qualified candidates for huge array of job roles. If you are looking for a new job, new career or a career move, please take a look at our selection of Career Profiles for some of the job roles we are often recruiting for.

Careers in PE

For information about the many different careers and jobs roles in the world of Physical Education, please see our Careers in PE section.  For example, find out more about what a PE Teacher is, how to become one, what qualifications you need and how to get them. You’ll also details teachers’ pay and lots of other useful information for anyone considering becoming a PE Teacher or one of the many other careers available in Physical Education.

Careers in Sport

To find out about all the many different jobs roles and careers available in the world of sport, visit our Careers in Sport section. You’ll find information, advice and guidance on qualifications and training requirements, job descriptions and profiles. You’ll also discover what job roles may be available to you now and help you devise a career pathway to reach your ideal job in sport, with job details from grassroots to elite level sport and management opportunities.

Careers in Personal Training and Fitness

From a Fitness Instructor in a Gym to a self-employed Personal Trainer working from home, the fitness and training industry offers a number of wide and varied career opportunities. Whether you are seeking full time, part-time, casual or self employment, there is a job and career to suit you in this industry. Find out more about how to break in to this exciting and fast paced sector from our Careers in Training and Fitness section.

Careers in Activity Holidays

Whether leading a group of children on a high ropes course, in the heart of the English countryside, instructing canoeing on a picturesque French lake, or teaching windsurfing on the Mediterranean Sea, activity holiday jobs are adventurous, varied, fun and can be more than just a Summer job – if you want them to be. Find out how to forge a full time career path in our Career in Activity Holiday guide, as well as useful tips about Seasonal work, qualifications and pay.

What jobs are out there now?

Finally, if you are looking at career choices or investigating possible career progression or change of direction, don’t forget to take a look at some of our current and live  Job Adverts and Job description on our Latest vacancies pages to help you see what career and job opportunities are out there right now – where they are, qualifications required, pay etc etc.

Lots more Job Hunting top tips and CV Guides available too on our Career Advisor pages, plus help, jobs and advice for Students and Graduates.

Disclaimer:- Please note that all information given within our website is given in good faith, but Futureactive is not responsible for the content of external sites and we would always suggest that you find out as much information as possible before committing to any course or career path as information, qualifications, funding, requirements, pay rates, vetting etc continually change and we cannot be held responsible for any content or links given within the website.