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AMC Training

Through our passion, knowledge and enthusiasm, AMC Training has been motivating clients to transform their lifestyles and body shapes for over a decade.

We know that exercise brings so much more than just physical change and we are very grateful for having had the opportunity to help so many people improve their physical and mental well-being over the years.

With a love of sport and exercise, Alan Cook founded AMC Training in 2005 with a desire to inspire others to move towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Learn more about Alan from his Introduction Blog.

Alan is now joined by Scott, Nick, Emma and Selina who are all dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Learn more about our team in the Team Profile section of the website.

Originally based in Stevenage, AMC Training moved to Letchworth when we were given the opportunity to manage the gym within the Letchworth Tennis Club in 2011. From here, our sister company Letchworth Fitness was created.

Managing the gym in which we are based has enabled us to create a motivating environment for our clients whilst choosing equipment to match our personal training style and services.

Since AMC Training’s inception, we have been constantly evolving and innovating new fitness services to help focus and motivate our clients to achieve results. Whether through challenges, grading systems, group sessions, fitness courses or point systems, we have always endeavoured to achieve better results.

In our quest for results, the AMC Training team have collaborated to create the AMC Training Protocols for most common goals of our clients. The 12-week structured plans include training, nutrition and supplementation guidance to keep clients on track and get results.

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