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 Losing a member of your team? Let us help you make a substitution.

Tell us all about your vacancy and one of our recruitment team will be in touch to chat about how we can help!

OR feel free to give our team a call for a no obligation chat about your recruitment needs on 03330 143 136

What  makes  Futureactive  different?

In  a  word,  choice.  We’re  the  only  agency  in  the  PE,  sports,  health  and  fitness  sector  who  can  offer   you  both  an online  jobs  board  and  a  specialist  recruitment  service.     Choose  to  use  our  jobs  board  and  advertise  directly  to thousands  of  ambitious  job  seekers  within   the  sector.  You’ll  receive  CVs  and  applications  for  your  temporary  or  permanent  jobs  direct  to  your   inbox.    

Take  the  sweat  out  of  recruitment    

Alternatively,  pick  one  of  our  personalised  recruitment  packages,  offering  you  the  flexibility  to  do   as  little  or  as  much  of  the  hard  work  as  you  choose.  Our  specialist  Recruitment  Consultants  and   Account  Managers  are both experienced  and  have  in-­depth  knowledge  of  the  sector.     We  put  our  90%  return  business  rate  down  to  our  friendly,  warm  and  supportive  team,  who  come   highly  recommended.  We  can  guide  you  through  every  step  of  the  recruitment  journey,  from   optimised  advert  writing  to  candidate  shortlisting. So get in touch to find out more!

Trust  a  specialist    

We’ve  helped  thousands  of  clients  find  the  perfect  candidate  for  the  job.  Let  us  share  our  insights   from  ten  years  in  the  sector  with  you.  We  understand  that  if  you  have  temporary  or  permanent  jobs  to  be  filled,  every  day  without  a  new   hire  in  place  can  be  costly.  With  the  benefit  of  our  national  and  global  networks,  you’ll  get  access   to  the  strongest  talent  in  the  sector.  The  search  for  the  perfect  candidate  can  be  hard,  but  we  know   who  they  are,  where  to  find  them,  and  how  to  get  them  to  join  your  team.

Quality  over  quantity

 We  understand  that  your  time  and  budgets  are  precious  -­  so  use  our  expertise,  network  and  reach.  We  will  filter  and  assess  job  seekers  matching  all  your  criteria  with  great  care.     You  can  rest  assured  your  short  list  will  contain  only  high  quality  candidates,  so  everyone  you   interview  for  the  job  is  worth  your  time  and  consideration.    

So, having read all that, what's stopping you?