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To close or not to close....that is the question!

posted over 3 years ago

Coronavirus Advice For Educational Settings Poster

We're only at the beginning of all this and yet, we're all sick (pardon the pun) of Covid19, already. But it's real and it's happening and we must take note of people far more educated than you or I when it comes to how long we keep schools open for. 

As I'm writing this we've had our first school closure - an Independent School in London, whose trustees order the school shot from 3pm today March 16. But when will others follow?

I'd be surprised if Friday 20 March doesn't become the beginning of the Easter Break, with schools closing their doors 2 weeks early, but with the government being accused of attempted Herd Immunity some reports suggest they will stay open longer to allow a healthier population to become resistant and amongst other things reduce the burden on parents who working in medical services.

Whatever happens, we must trust and follow the advice coming from the government, which is all underpinned by the very best science available. So for now, you know what do......but just in case you don't, check out this advice for educational settings. Stay positive, be sensible, stay safe!