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What does the resignation deadline mean for you?

posted over 4 years ago


What's the significance of May 31st? Well, if you're in a teaching post, employed directly by schools and you wish to move to a new school in September 2019, you must have resigned by May 31st. In fact there is often confusion around resignation and leaving dates, but in England and Wales in state education they are as follows:

Autumn term โ€“ 31 October to leave role on 31 December

Winter term โ€“ 28/29 February to leave role on 30 April

Spring term โ€“ 31 May to leave role on 31 August

Is there any "give" in the timescales? Well, thats all down to the Headteachers' discretion. They may allow a teacher to resign after this date, but it will depend on a number of variables, such as ease of recruitment, continuity of staff and let's face it, how much they really want them to stay! 

So what hapens when a job is advertised for a September start after the resignation deadline of 31 May?

Firstly, this is common place. There is often a last minute glut of vacancies just before May half term week (when May 31 traditionally falls) and therefore interviews are taking place and job offers made and accepted. This often leads to an increase in late resignations around half term, which in turn leads to a number of vacancies in early June. 

Firstly, it puts certain groups in strong positions. NQTs who have yet to secure a job, overseas trained teachers looking to travel to the Uk and secure a role from September and Uk trained teachers returning from teaching abroad, who perhaps can only conduct telephone interviews. Also, there are the those who are brave enough to resign before 31 May without a job to go to....for whatever reason. All these are in a stronger position as they are able to accept and start a role in September after 31 May!

One thing is for sure, that in recent years the recruitment rule book has been somewhat ripped up. The tried and tested formula of yesteryear are no longer valid and the market is fluid, fast moving and pragmatic.

Neverthless, resignation deadlines are on the whole set in stone and a marker for the sector's recruitment merry go round. But never panic about jobs, whatever your situation the right job is right round the corner and can materialise at the most unexepected times.....including right up to the last of day of term and in to the school holidays!

So, keep on eye on your job alerts and never miss an opportunity!