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How to avoid this Winter's HR Issues

posted almost 5 years ago

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As I write this newsletter, the sun is shining but temperatures are dipping. Employers are required to maintain a “reasonable temperature” in the workplace. There is no minimum temperature as such. The Health and Safety Executive recommend a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius unless the work is physical, in which case it's 13 degrees Celsius.

If your employees work outside, you need to provide appropriate personal protective equipment for the cold weather.

If you have to close your workplace due to bad weather, you must still pay your employees as normal. That is because it’s your action that is preventing them from fulfilling their contract. 

Cold and Flu Season

The first cases of colds and flu are now no doubt reaching your workplace. There are some simple steps you can take to stop the germs spreading and help reduce your sickness absences. 

You could offer to pay for flu jabs – now offered in most chemists for £10-15 a shot. Make sure anti-bacterial gel is readily available for people to use. Clean door handles, kettles and any other items that are regularly touched by many people during the day more frequently. They are a great way to spread germs.

Christmas reminder

It will soon be time to send out the Christmas party invitations. Please don’t forget to send them to anyone on long term leave – including anyone on maternity leave or long term sick leave. They may not be able to come, but they are sure to be upset if they think they have not been invited.

How "No Deal" could affect your business

I try very hard to avoid talking about the “B” word, but it seems the prospect of a “no deal” Brexit is looming ever larger. As FSB National Chairman, Mike Cherry, said:

'Looking at this research, it is obvious that our small firms are not prepared or ready for a chaotic no deal Brexit and the impact that it will have on their businesses. If you sell your products to the EU, buy goods from the EU or if your business relies on staff from the EU, you now see this outcome as a clear and present threat to your business.'

The Government has produced a series of papers to guide businesses in how to prepare for a “no deal”. For more information, please click here.

Article written by Parallel HR's Debbie Glinnan, Futureactive's trusted HR partner, see more at