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Major Partnership Announcements

posted almost 7 years ago

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We're delighted to announce 2 major new partnerships for Futureactive moving into 2017.


Futureactive are pleased to announce that we are working with the largest staffing firm in the world to bring quality professionals to the leisure centres of London.

Futureactive will be supplying Aquatics professionals, such as lifeguards and swimming teachers, in addition to fitness instructors and Operation Management professionals to Adecco's client boroughs, starting in the London Borough of Richmond. 

Paul Crowson, Business Development Manager for Futureactive, who is managing the Adecco account for Futureactive further commented:

"This is a major new client for Futureactive and an account which we believe has the potential grow considerably over the coming months and years. We love forging long lasting relationships with our clients and believe that our brand and core recruitment and business values will enable Futureactive to become an integral part of Adecco's supply chain."

Here's to a long and successful partnership!

de Poel Education:

de Poel offer a unique Neutral Vendor approach to recruitment outsourcing, enabling groups of schools to standardise recruitment processes, reducing cost and administrative burden. de Poel education works with quality assured agencies, to ensure that all staff provided are of the highest standard and meet the exacting requirements of the education client, their classroom and their pupils. After a due diligence process Futureactive are delighted to be offering our services to a variety of schools around the country, working hand in hand with de Poel Education to ensure quality remains high and cost remains consistent and predictable.

Pete Cousins, Senior Consultant with Futureactive and de Poel Education account manager commented "the de Poel model values our quality driven approach, whislt ensuring that cost remains consistent, transparent and predictable for our partner schools. We're very excited to be working with an organisation that shares our values of innovation and diligence and look forward to the partnership blossoming from here on.

We look forward to working closely with de Poel Education over the coming months, with the continual roll out of new client schools to build lasting relationships with.