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Studying PE, Sport, Fitness or Outdoor Recreation? Earn while you learn with Futureactive

posted over 7 years ago

Futureactive Jobs Help And Advice For Pe And Sports Students Flyer

Studying PE, Sport, Fitness or Outdoor Recreation? Earn while you learn with Futureactive and gain some valuable paid work experience while you study next year.

Futureactive recruits for a huge range of Out of School, Holiday and Activity Leader Jobs throughout the UK, Europe and the USA providing some great job opportunities for Students, Gap Year Students, Graduates, PGCE Students and even some Year 12s and 13s and throughout the Year.

If you have any sports or activity leader qualifications or experience, there may be part-time, temporary or seasonal jobs just around the corner from where you’re studying or for when you come home for the holidays in:-

  • Before and After School Kids Clubs
  • Children’s Half Term and Holiday Sports and Activity Camps
  • Leisure Centres, Spas and Sports Facilities
  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools and Lidos
  • Overseas and UK based Activity Holiday Resorts
  • Summer and Ski Season Resorts

Sports Coaches, Activity Leaders, Watersports and Outdoor Activity Instructors, Fitness and Personnel Trainers, Lifeguards, Swimming Teachers, Camp Managers, Winter Sports Instructors, Child Care, Camp Counsellors etc. etc.

These job opportunities are often open to a wide range of candidates with a variety of qualifications and experience to offer, as these employers are often looking for both specialist sports coaches and instructors but also candidates with a general background in PE, Sport, fitness or training - or indeed purely have experience in leading children’s activities, like Scout Leaders, Young Leaders, Sports Leaders etc

Sports Coaches, Activity Leaders, Outdoor Activity Instructors, Fitness and Personnel Trainers

Our clients have included Barracudas, Fit For Sport, ‘Better’ run by GLL, Mark Warner Holidays, ISSOS, Kings Camps, Camp America, BUNAC, Super Camps, PGL, The Academies plus many, many others and we have many new job opportunities coming in all the time.

If you are interested in finding jobs for your next year at Uni or before you start, take a look at the current selection of Activity and Holiday Jobs available right and Sign Up for Job Alerts today.

Boost your CV

For students and job hunters looking for some paid work experience working in a relevant work environment, these job opportunities could look great on your CV and give you references and valuable experience - plus you could have a lot of fun and make a real difference to the children in your care.

Jobs for Year 12s and 13s

Some "Activity Assistant" level jobs could also suit students in Year 12 and Year 13 without sports coaching, Sports leader or PE GCSE or A level qualifications. Some organisations will also train you on the job, giving you the chance to pick up some additional qualifications. - So, don't delay Sign up for Job Alerts today.