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Interviews - Our Top Tips for Job Hunters

posted over 7 years ago

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To help you find and secure your ideal job in PE, Sport, Active Leisure, Health or Fitness here are some top tips from our specialist Recruitment Consultants for your next Interview :-


  • First (and second) impressions count – even with Recruitment Agencies – on the phone, in person, your CV, applications forms & letters.
  • Presentation, Punctuality and Reliability – THEY MATTER.  Be there, on time and look the part! ALWAYS.
  • Check your travel route, traffic and weather!
  • Dress Code - always worth asking if you need to be in smart interview clothes as well as taking your activity / sports / PE kit with you, especially if you will be running an observed lesson or session.
  • Research the school, compnay, the role, location etc. – Don’t forget – we usually know a lot about the client, the vacancy and what the job will entail, so don’t be afraid to ask. It’s OUR job to help you!  Be the best prepared for an interview that you can and give yourself the best chance – if you don’t, you can bet anything that someone else will have taken to the trouble to.
  • ID, Qualifications, VISA etc. - If you have been asked to supply these before the interview, make sure they have been received in line with their instructions and time scales.
  • If requested, take all the required paper work you have been asked to supply.
  • Arm yourself with some good questions for the interviewers.
  • Be prepared for the question you fear most!
  • Have a good and reasoned answer to "Why do you want to get this job? / Work here? etc
  • Be honest - not only with your facts, of course, but so they can get to know the REAL you.
  • Body language and eye contact – you know the theory… put it into practice!
  • Mind your language. Keep it clean. Get the habit and you won’t run the risk of a slip up when it matters.
  • If you can’t make an interview, please let us or the interviewer know.  Don’t just not turn up for an interview, even if you have changed your mind.
  • Get an alarm clock that works.
  • Skype Interviews - treat these just like a Face to Face Interview, but double check what's in view behind you.
  • Delivering an observed session, class or lesson? Find out all that you need to plan your session from us or the organisation.
  • If you are unsuccessful at one interview, try to learn from it. You can often ask for feedback from your interview too.

If you really want a job – let it show in everything you do.

Finally, if you have any questions about preparing for YOUR interview, contact YOUR consultant at Futureactive.  We’re always happy to help, give advice and guidance where we can.

Good Luck!

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