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'Blow the whistle on Sunburn' Sign up to The Outdoors Kids Sun Safety Code

posted over 7 years ago

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'Blow the Whistle on Sunburn' - Sign up to The Outdoors Kids Sun Safety Code and gain free resources and accreditation.

Futureactive are delighted to support The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code initiative, "the first free accredited sun protection initiative designed specifically for outdoor activity leaders". 

We are keen to actively promote their free resources, advice and “OK accreditation” scheme to all our children’s Sports and Activity Leaders, PE Teachers, PE Supply staff and to all our job hunters, as well as to all the schools and children’s sports activity providers that we work with throughout the UK, and worldwide.

The Myfawy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund launched their 'Blow the Whistle on Sunburn!' initiative in 2014 and provides a wealth of resources and an accreditation scheme for Activity Leaders, Sports Coaches, PE Teachers and people working outside with young people which aims to encourage best practice and the promotion of sun safety for both adults and the children in their care.

Futureactive's Director Jon Pettit, himself an ex-Head of PE and School Sports Partnerships Development Manager and father of 3 said

"Futureactive (and previously PE Recruitment)  has always been committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and actively promotes best practice to all the PE teachers, Sports Coaches and Children's Activity Leaders that we work with. The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code provides some excellent resources and advice for working outdoors with children and how to promote and encourage Sun Safety. The initiative also encourages people to lead by example and so stay sun safe themselves.

We hope that by gaining the OK accreditation, prospective employers will be able to easily identify prospective candidates who have signed up to The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and who have pledged to do the best they can to protect the children in their care. We will be actively promoting this scheme to all our job hunters and all our PE and School Sport Supply Staff."

More Information;

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code was created by Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund and is the only free accredited sun protection initiative for all those who work outdoors with children.

Partnered with the Youth Sport Trust, Association for Physical Education (AfPE), Child Protection in Sport Unit and Sports coach UK, it is now supported by over 80 national governing bodies of sport (NGB’s) and a wide variety of outdoor and coaching organisations. The key objective of the initiative is to “protect children from the harmful effects of the sun whilst they enjoy the benefits of physical activity outdoors."

Casey Stoney, WSL Arsenal and England Football Captain

Ambassador Casey Stoney says; "I spend a lot of time outdoors and admit that in the past I didn't use sun protection much. However, as  mum i have become much more aware o the need to protect my child's skin and in turn my own. Kids look up to their coaches so leading by example is vital. Get out there, have fun but stay safe in the sun."

The initiative is targeted principally at anybody working with primary school aged children (6-12). If you are an individual or group, we will help you produce and most importantly implement a sun protection policy.

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code will...

  • Help you understand why sun protection is important - even in the UK
  • Enable you to develop an effective sun protection policy, tailored for your sport/activity and resources.
  • Provide ideas to help you implement sun protection throughout the summer.
  • Offer resources to help you communicate and raise awareness to others.
  • Provide accreditation, showing that you are doing the best you can to protect the kids in your care.

Please sign up today - and don't forget to send us or upload your updated CV showing your new "OK accreditation".

For more information please visit : The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and help Blow the Whistle on Sunburn.

Check out  The ‘Blow the Whistle on Sunburn!’ By the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code'  Video