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Take a look and see where all your qualifications could really take you

posted over 7 years ago

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Whether its a Permanent job, a Temporary or part-time role or even just a Summer Season Job you’re looking for, read on – you might be surprised where your qualifications could take you!

When was the last time you really looked at your list of qualifications, skills and experiences? (And is your CV really up-to-date?)

The world of PE, Sport, Health, Fitness and Active Leisure is constantly changing and your unique blend of qualifications and experience could open you up to a huge array of jobs out there.

Perhaps you’re working on finding that next career move up the ladder and looking for a relevant part-time or temporary job or work experince while you job hunt.  It might be worth considering broadening your job searching to see what other jobs you might be qualified to do, find relevant and paid work experience or move into a new career path.

Sign up for Job Alerts – or extend your search criteria – You never know where it might lead!

We recruit for a wide range of positions for PE teachers, NQTs, Sports Graduates, Multi-Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Activity Leaders, Outdoor Recreation Instructor, Club Managers, Camp Managers, Sports Coaches, Tutors, Sports Instructors and much, much more  for short-term, long term and permanent job vacancies throughout the UK and overseas. Just take a look at our current Jobs to give you an idea.

You may be surprised to see where your qualifications could lead you – even if its just for a part-time job, this Summer or even next Winter!

Update your CV and boost your job hunting chances!

Make sure your CV stands out from the crowd by making sure prospective employers can see ALL your fantastic skills and qualifications. (Get some feedback from people you know - but try to ask people who'll give you some honest impartial feedback not just your friends and family!)

Need to update or re-vamp your CV?

Take a look at our Job Hunting Help and Advice including CV Writing Guides, and don’t forget to upload your new CV on the website and let us know what jobs you’d like to receive Job Alerts about.

Thinking about Returning to Teaching after a career break?

There are lots of opportunities for fully trained PE teachers to get back into teaching and our Recruitment Consultants would be happy to talk to you about returning to teaching on a part-time of full-time basis.

Or alternatively please take a look at our Career Advisor pages and Job Hunting and CV Help and Advice sections on How to become a PE teacher – or How to become a Supply Teacher and what’s it all about, and all about Returning to Teaching.