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Job Hunting Top Tips

posted almost 8 years ago

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Our Top Tips for Job Hunters

To help you find and secure your ideal job in PE, Sport, Health, Fitness or Active Leisure here are some top tips from our specialist Recruitment Consultants on CVs, Interviews, Social Media and giving yourself the best chance to find that dream job.

Your CV

There’s so much to say about writing CVs we dedicated a whole section to it – download it here –  Our CV Guide   – but in short:-

  • Write a short attention catching and relevant personal statement / summary that makes the reader want to read on.
  • Keep your CV up to date e.g add new qualifications and training as soon as they are completed
  • Review your CV regularly. Will it stand out from the crowd? Is it easy to read? Proof read it.
  • Tailor your CV for the job you are applying for.
  • Ask someone else to read it – someone who will be honest and frank about what it really says about you.
  • Register your CV online TODAY 


  • Your iluvgoingouteverynight @ …com email address may not necessarily give the image you are trying to portray to a new employer.
  • Use easy to spell email addresses.  Consider adopting a simpler one if you have a hard to spell or complicated email address.
  • Spell check EVERYTHING.  It’s quick and easy on a PC and makes you look very lazy if you can’t be bothered.   ”Be where the curse of pea sea spell chequers’  incl US vs UK spellings.

Social Networks, Blogs etc.

  • Check your Privacy Settings on everything – potential recruiters will ’Google’ prospective new employees.
  • Review all your Public Profiles – are they what you’d like a prospective employer to see or read about you?
  • Think about photos. Your profile pics and pics you’ve been tagged in.
  • Go ‘incognito’ and search for yourself – see what others can discover about you.
  • If you’re on LinkedIn, complete your Profile 100%


  • First (and second) impressions count – even with Recruitment Agencies – on the phone, in person, your CV, applications forms & letters.
  • Research the school, the role, location etc. – Don’t forget – we usually know a lot about the school, vacancy and what the job will entail, so don’t be afraid to ask. It’s OUR job to help you!  Be the best prepared for an interview that you can and give yourself the best chance – if you don’t you can bet anything that someone else will have taken to the trouble to.
  • Arm yourself with some good questions for the interviewers.
  • Be prepared for the question you fear most!
  • Have a good and reasoned answer to “Why do you want to get this job? / Work here? etc
  • Be honest – not only with your facts, of course, but so they can get to know the REAL you.
  • Presentation, Punctuality and Reliability – THEY MATTER.  Be there, on time and look the part! ALWAYS.
  • Dress Code – always worth asking if you need to be in smart interview clothes as well as taking your activity / sports / PE kit with you.
  • Body language and eye contact – you know the theory… put it into practice!
  • Mind your language. Keep it clean. Get the habit and you won’t run the risk of a slip up when it matters.
  • Check the route, traffic and weather!
  • If you can’t make an interview, please let us know.  Don’t just not turn up for an interview, even if you have changed your mind.
  • Get an alarm clock that works.
  • Skype Interviews – treat these like a Face to Face Interview, but double check what’s in view behind you.

If you really want a job – let it show in everything you do.

New Job or New Career? 

Not sure about your next career move? Call our team to discuss the many and ever changing career opportunities and jobs in the world of PE, Sport, Fitness and Active Leisure. Tel:  03330 14 31 36 or take a look at some of our Career Profiles and example Job descriptions.

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